St. Anselm’s Pink City School
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CBSE Affiliation No.: 1730064, School Code: 10451
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  1. There will Be Two Semesters in a year - first and second. There will be an examination at the end of each semester, Moreover, there will be two Internal assessments in every semester.
  2. Students must pass in the aggregate for each subject. For promotion to the next grade a minimum of 40 per cent marks in each subject is a must. This applies to every student from grade one on.
  3. Absence from one or more subjects involves the loss of grades for those subjects and excludes the student from being reckoned in the order of merit in the examination.
  4. Pupils absent from an examination, for any reason, are not re-examined.
  5. Those absent from a test because of illness must produce a medical certificate.
  6. For sufficient reasons, such as unsatisfactory progress in studies, insufficient attendance, serious misconduct, etc. a pupil may be debarred from an examination.
  7. No boy/girl without a minimum of 90 per cent attendance will be allowed to appear for the final examination.


  1. At the end of the year promotion to the next grade will be decided on the basis of the whole year's work. Regular attendance and steady work, therefore, will be a condition for promotion
  2. Failure in two or more subjects renders a pupil liable to repeat his/ her class.
  3. Consistent neglect of a subject will not be condoned, be it a core subject or an additional elective subject.
  4. In view of the system of the year's average in determining eligibility for promotion, it will not be possible to hold retests. Thus results declared at the end of the year are final and will not be reconsidered.
  5. A pupil who fails in several subjects throughout the year will have to leave the school. so, too, a pupil who fails a second time in the School.
  6. The answer sheets of the final Examination will not be shown either to students or to parents/guardians.


  1. Minimum 33% required in each subject in order to be promoted to class XII.
  2. If a student fails in any two or more subjects in class XI (after taking the average of both terminal examination) his/her result will be declared as FAILED.
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